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People of India

India is a country with a wide-ranging scenery and an eclectic mix of numerous religions, castes and creeds. It is no wonder that India has even today maintained its singularity, in terms of races and the customs and traditions they follow. For tourists, India is a country with a heady blend of the classic and the contemporary. On the one hand, you come to observe fashionistas in the hot and happening cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata. On the other, you have the rural folks of Rajasthan to interact with or the villagers residing in the eastern and the southern parts of the country.

The Indian constitution allows all to practise their own religions and you can truly observe the harmonious combination, though at time disturbed due to some unsocial elements, in every direction you head towards. Let's have a look at the major religious communities of India.

Hindu Community
Hindu TempleThe genesis of the Hindu faith dates back to the arrival of the Aryans more than 4,000 years ago. This system of belief is not the result of a single prophet or a single holy book. It preaches that the human soul is immortal and mentions three principal paths that ultimately lead to the unification of the individual soul with the all-pervasive spirit. It respects all the religions and never seeks or promotes converts. The Bhagvad Gita, the most sacred book of the Hindus, captures the true essence of the Hindu faith.

Jain and Budh Community
Jainism came into existence during the 6th century BC. It's propagator, Mahavira conveyed to all the message of asceticism, austerity and non-violence. And it was almost around the same time when Lord Buddha came out with the concept of Nirvana, achieve through the conquest of the inner self. Needless to say, Buddha's teachings, which were meant to be a way of life, reached far and across. Before long, this system of beliefs won countless adherents all over the world.

Islamic Community
The Islamic faith entered the Indian domain around the 7th century, introduced by the Arab traders to the southern part of the country first. Later, the arrival of the Afghans and the Mughals influenced the spread of Islam much. Islam confirms: 'There is but one God' and follows religious tolerance. Over the centuries, the religion has emerged as one of the strongest system of beliefs in the world.

Sikh Community
SikhSikkhism was founded by Guru Nanak during the 15th century. He came up with the message of unity of God and brotherhood of the mankind. Through its ideal disciplines and ideal message, the Sikh faith started expanding its circle soon. Today, the religion has millions of adherents across the country and the world.

Christian Community
It wasn't long after Jesus Christ's crucification that Christianity came to India with its message. The spread of this faith in India is attributed to St Thomas. The Roman Catholic established its root in India with the arrival of St Francis Xavier in 1542. The Christian community can be met with almost in every corner of the country.

Other Communities
Other religious communities calling India their home include the Zoroastrians and the Jewish. The total number of Zoroastrians in the world adds up to 130,000; out of which 10,000 reside in Iran while the rest abide in India. The arrival of the Jewish at the Malabar Coast of Kerala can be traced back to 973 BC.

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