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India Travel Guide

Rajasthani Dance You might be planning a trip to India or at least contemplating one. Well, in either of the cases, you'll always need to acquaint yourself ins and outs of the Indian subcontinent. To serve the purpose, Sai Holidays provides you with a short-and-crisp account of what you would always like to know. Of course, there's much more to India that you will go through here. And once, you have set foot on this incredible and diverse land, you will observe yourself how substantial and far-reaching Indian boundaries are.

Click on the following links (we suggest you read all of it) and know the essentials of the country before you are already there.

Arts & Culture
India showcases a wide range of scenery, from one point to the other. It is perhaps the singular country which seems to exist in several eras and periods at the same time.
From far north to extreme south and from west to east, India is but an assortment of a number of fairs and festivals that exhibit the true colours of the country and the spirit that the nation shares.
The very mystique of the Indian history gets the travellers ready to pack their bags and head to the country. The wide-ranging scenery of India has, over the centuries, soaked in numerous charms.
India is a country with an eclectic mix of numerous religions, castes and creeds. It is no wonder that India has even today maintained its singularity, in terms of races and the customs and traditions they follow.
Owing to the varied topography of India, the climatic conditions are difficult to be generalised. The Himalayas in the extreme north and the Thar Desert in the west have considerable influence on the Indian climate.
The growth of the Indian economy holds the second-fastest rank in the world. The economic system of the country comprises of various sectors like agriculture, handicrafts, textile, manufacturing and a host of other services.

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