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Arts and Culture

India showcases a wide range of scenery, from one point to the other. It is perhaps the singular country which seems to exist in several eras and periods at the same time. It's a country that has unified its wonderful past with its modern-day advancements. And it is interesting to note that the elements of the classic and the contemporary have still retained their distinctive charm, proving a big draw for tourists and travellers from the world over.

Aptly termed as a subcontinent, India is an eclectic mix of various religions and languages. The diversity, that at the same time exemplifies a stunning unity, is a magnet for tourists. There are abundant sights and sounds to experience and soak up.

Expression of Artistic Capabilities
Detail Sculpture at KhajurahoIndia sets forth a variety of art form to make the world aware of her sentiments and thoughts. The manifestation of India art can be noticed in the form of architecture, literature, painting, craft, music, dance and other performances. The skills and crafts have been improved and handed down generation after generation. A lot of credit goes to the ruling elite as well. The kings and maharajas of yore supported the art forms hugely and that's why ancient artistic capabilities are able to breathe even today.

The foreign invaders including the Persians, Romans, Arabs, Europeans and the Mughals had a great impact on the genesis and development of varied art forms. The invaders brought with them numerous traditions that did assimilate with the existing art forms. Consequently, newer varieties of art and craft came into being.

Indian Culture Reaching Out to the World
Even in this fiercely competitive age of science and technology, India continues to be a global destination in terms of arts and culture. The country has in practice myriad customs and languages to make the world aware of its culture. Every part of India - north, south, west and east - lures a tourists due to its distinctive identity. Inspite of all this diversity, the country seems to be at its harmonious best and this happens due to its common history.

In a nutshell, India can well be put in the words of Mark Twain :
'' India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most astrictive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only! ''

Whether you talk of stunning architecture, worthy literature, impressive sculptures, exuberant fairs and festivals, fascinating paintings or ancient forms of dance and music, India always has a reason to invite you all to its world of art and culture.

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