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Home :: Holidays in India :: Kailash Mansarovar
Kailash Mansarovar
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Destinations : Kailash Mansarovar
Duration : 15 Night/ 16 Days

Tour Details

Mt. Kailash
mt. kailashAt a height of 6714m, Mt. Kailash is locally called Kang Rinpoche or 'The Precious Jewel of the Snow'. It is striking with its snow capped peak against the clear blue sky which justifies its name Jewel of the Snow.

Four major religious pay reverence to this mountain. The Hindus consider it the domain of Lord Shiva, For the Buddhist, Kailash is the manifestation of Sakyamuni, Buddha. The Jains revere it as the site of their first Saint Adinath's emancipation. Followers of Bon, the oldest religion of Tibet, worship it as the Sacred Nine Stone Swastika Mountain Shenrad, their founder saint is said to have descended on this peak.

Mt. Kailash also known as Mt. Meru, is referred to as the navel of the earth. Four legendary rivers flow from within a radius of 50 kms in four different directions. It is said that a stream from the mountain pours into a nearby lake and from here the rivers flow into the four cardinal directions. To the south is the Sapphire face from where flows the Karnali, from the Ruby face on the west flows the Sutlej, from the Gold face on the north flows the Indus and eastwards from the crystal face flows the Bramhaputra also referred to as Yarlang Sangpo.

Mt. Kailash with chortensEach of Mt. Kailash's face highlights different moods. The west face is enveloped in an aura of compassion and benevolence. The southern face reflects majesty or splendor, it is fully covered with snow. The North face is stark, forbidding and daunting while the east, only visible from a distance is mysterious and distant.

The southern face of Mt. Kailash displays the making of celestial steps a long vertical cleft punctuated by a horizontal line of rock starta. The design resembles a Swastika indicating the rays of the sun in Hinduism, since the vedic age. It is the Buddhist symbol of spiritual strength.

The Parikrama or circumbulation of Mt. Kailash is a three day trip, 53 kms long, and the most sacred for all yatris. The Parikrama is performed in a clockwise direction. The followers of Bon, the pre Buddhist religion of Tibet perform it anti clockwise.

The Kora or parikrama starts from Drachen and can be completed at ones own pace with in three days. The weather also dictates the progress. One parikrama of Kailash is said to erase the accumulated sins of lifetime, while 108 of these will ensure nirvana or liberation from the circle of life and death.

Manasarovar lakeAt the legend goes, Brahma created this lake for his meditation and worship. Literally speaking it is Manas + Sarovar, Manas refers to the mind of the supreme God Brahma, the lake being its outward manifestation. The sacred Manas is at a height of 4560 m with a circumference of 110 km, which can be trekked in about 3 days. It has a depth of 300ft and covers an area of 350 sq kms. It is amongst the highest bodies of fresh water in the world, though most of the year lake remains frozen Around April when the ice melts, the pilgrims start their yatra. By the Manas is referred by the Tibetians as Mapham Yum Tso which means 'victorious'. 'The waters of Mansarovar are like the pearls, drinking it erases the sins of a Hundred Lifetimes' said Kalidasa. The water is considered to have healing powers. Manas pilgrims often gather white-ringed pebbles from the lakes shore as mementos of their visit.

Proposed Itinerary
Day 1 : Arrival in Kathmandu. Meet and transfer to Hotel.

Day 2 : At leisure in Kathmandu. Obtain Chinese Visa. Half day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu

Swayambhunath Temple - Kathmandu Day 3 : Embark on a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Kodari. Walk to the friendship Bridge & drive uphill to Zhangmu. After completing custom & immigration formalities, proceed to Nyalam. Overnight at Hotel. Nyalam or similar. (153 kms/ 6-7 hrs)

Day 4 : Stay at Nyalam (3750m) for acclimatization. The Group will be taken for a 3 hrs trek in Nyalam. Overnight at Hotel Nyalam or similar.

Day 5 : Drive Nyalam to Saga (4600m-240 kms/ 6-7 hrs). Overnight at Guest House

Day 6 : Drive to Paryang (4750m-255kms/ 5-6 hrs). Overnight at Hotel Paryang

Day 7 : Drive to Hor-Quo (4560m-223 kms/ 5-6 hrs). Camp at the banks of Lake Mansarovar

Day 8 : In the morning Parikarma of Lake Mansarovar by Jeep (4520m-115 kms/ 4-5 hrs). In the evening drive to Darchen (4620m). Overnight at Guest House

Kailash near Darchen Day 9 : Trek to Serlung Monastery & to Nandi Parbat for an excellent view of Mount Kailash. The Group will stay at Darchen and make final preparation for the Kailash Parikarma. Overnight at Guest House

Day 10 : Drive ahead to Tarboche – to start the trek of Mt. Kailash (13 kms). Trek to Dirapuk (4860m-7kms) approx 5-6 hrs. Overnight at Camp.

Day 11 : Trek to Zuthul Puk (4760m-18kms) approx 9-10 hrs. Overnight at Camp

Day 12 : End of Kailash Kora (10kms) approx. 3-4 hrs trek. Drive to Paryang (270 kms/ 6-7 hrs). Overnight at Hotel Paryang.

Day 13 : Drive to Saga (255 kms/ 6-7 hrs). Overnight at Guest House

Day 14 : Drive to Nyalam (240 kms/ 6-7 hrs). Overnight at Hotel Nyalam or similar

Day 15 : Drive downhill to Zhangmu and Friendship Bridge where transportation awaits for the final leg of journey of Kathmandu.

Day 16 : Morning breakfast in the Hotel. Transfer to the Airport for your Flight.

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